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Get complete control over the candidates that will move your company forward and not slow you down getting up to speed. As Contingent Recruiters, we only work on situations with true partnership. By answering these questions, this process will benefit everyone involved. Our goal is a one-to-one ratio of submittals to interviews!

What we really need is to be of one mind of what the ideal candidate is like and what they can do and how they do it.

Uncovering Wants and Needs

Guide to Best Candidate to do the Job

What does the candidate’s experience include? Years in the industry? Project types and sizes, employees supervised, software used, etc…

This includes types of companies in history (size, application, methodology). Also, what of this ideal background is required vs. preferred.

How do you measure the success of this position? What accomplishments are expected in first 90 days, 180 days and first year?

How does a candidate demonstrate the soft skills that you would think best needed for this position?

What does NOT succeed in your company? Describe the type person I should turn down quickly.

Experience is the best forEcaster

It would be valuable, and time-saving, if you could send me a copy of your internal job description that highlights the duties and responsibilities of the position. However, no matter how thorough that description, there is a lot that isn’t typically covered – which is what I’d like you to go through here.

Discovering Mission

Guide to Best Candidate Background

Not so much what is on the job description, but what are the vitally important things needed to be done? Is there a specific project or job that needs to be done immediately?

Are there unique duties or responsibilities that someone in this role would need to be able to do and be responsible for being done?

Imagine your hire has been with the company for a year and is sitting in your office. You are about to give a substantial raise, because they have achieved so well over the past year. What would they have done to make you feel this way?

If I surface a candidate from within a larger organization who has the background or experience that indicates they are stronger than your profile, should I pursue that individual?

Are there any companies you specifically would prefer candidates from? Any companies that you would specifically NOT want candidates from?

Learning the candidate experience

Probably the most important area for us to cover is that of the ‘sizzle’ of this opportunity. We are going after the happy, passive market – which means that we have to be able to do three things after identifying a prospect. First, we must attract their attention to make a change. Second, we must educate them on what is available to them and thirdly, we must make your opportunity the one they ultimately choose. Without strong ‘sizzle’, we will miss out on the highest layer of talent. We will go over money and benefits later, but for now let’s talk about your advantages.

Learning Selling Points

Guide to Attracting the Best Candidate

Why would someone doing what you want done stop doing it for their company and start doing it for you?

Big new project(s) coming up in the future? More responsibility than others with the same position? High visibility in the marketplace?

What is the reputation of your company in the marketplace? In public or in private gatherings?

Measuring yourself against the competition in processes, equipment, tools, environment and ability to get new work?

Will a person that takes this opportunity advance in their personal skills and technical abilities? How?

Let's talk about you

We will carefully read through your web page, but it still helps to hear about the inner workings of the company. What is it really like to be a part of your world? What is the story of your company? Where have you been, where you are, and most importantly where you are going. It builds comfort and interest to feel like you understand a company before interviewing.

Examining the Company

Guide to the Best Company Story

What is the history that you understand and speak of when talking to people?

Do you see the company expanding or changing?

Is that on average for the company? Larger/Smaller?

Any negative stories or events that we have to cover before a candidate would interview?

Will the interview location be where the candidate will also work? Is there any chance that will change in the future and if so, where?

the People, Leadership and Culture of the Company

Without a doubt, the number one reason that people leave a company isn’t because of money or location or anything else – the number one reason is because of a personal relationship, especially with the boss. People work for people and it is a key to be able to paint a picture about the group leadership and culture.

Learning about the People

Guide to Best People to Join at Work

Who does this candidate report to? How would you describe their management style? Any other managers this position would need to work with in future?

How would you describe the management style of top management?

Years in the industry, years in the company, positions held with the company, project experience, etc…

Buttoned up? Loosey goosey?

It’s amazing what people can accept, if they have been forewarned. Any people or situations that the candidate should know about before hand?

There is so much more to the financial offer than simply the base salary. So many great hires have happened not because the base was higher, but because the candidate was walked through all the components of the entire offer.
Let's Talk

Benefits and Blessings


Information on the company healthcare offered for the individual and family, including coverage, deductibles and start date for new employee.

Dental and Vision

Information on any dental, vision or other medical benefits, including networks or limitations.

Employee Contributions

Information on costs to employee for individual plans or family plans. Also, any extra costs for optional benefits.

Vacation and Sick Benefits

Amount of vacation offered to new experienced employee and rules regarding usage. Also, any sick or personal days offered.

Employee Vehicle and Gear

Information of whether job comes with company vehicle, what type, gas card and maintenance supplied or not. Also, computer, phone, etc... supplied to employee.

Benefits Summary

Please send a company of the benefits summary that you will give a new hire, but knowing these components really adds to the true value of an offer.

Show Me the Money

Guide to Getting the Best

Most importantly, what is the Target Base Salary? Realistically, what is the amount NOT to go above, regardless of candidate’s skill set.

How is that calculated? How often are bonuses given? How likely are they to be earned?

Car expense, mileage, meals, incidentals on road, etc…

Golf memberships, tickets to local sports, theater, etc…

What expenses are covered should you decide to look at an out-of- town candidate?

Working Together

A Contingency Search works on an equal commitment to get the job done.

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